Project Management Services

Construction Control Corporation tailors its services to the owner and project needs. Our typical project/construction management services include, but are not limited to, the following:


Leadership: Provide project coordination and leadership. Be the focal point for information and communication with the project team.

Budget and schedule: Prepare and maintain project budgets and schedules throughout the duration of the project.

Quality: Ensure requirements are understood and defined in each contract. Benchmark against code and industry standards. Measure performance and require quick correction of deficiencies.


Cost model Prepare a cost model using adjusted historical data for major building systems and each element of the project. Adjust for local bidding conditions.

Delivery strategy Analyze alternative project delivery processes including traditional design/bid/build, bridging and design/build. Address quality, cost and time goals as-well-as legal, bid market and operational constraints. Analyze schedule and cost implications.

Budget Develop a total project budget. Organize the budget in a manner that expenditures can be tracked against the budget for the duration of the project.

Master schedule Develop a schedule showing the sequencing and duration of major activities, identify the critical path and contingency periods.

Design schedule Working with Owner and the project team, prepare a schedule of major design phase activities, including: submittals, review periods and preparation of separate bid packages.


During the design phase, we will provide the project team with cost support and review construction documents for conformance to the project requirements and ensure they are complete and coordinated.

Design reviews Review the drawings and specifications at the completion of each phase for adherence to the project requirements, compliance with applicable mandates and suitability of materials and details. Check details for constructability and coordination of design disciplines. Coordinate any required reviews by regulatory agencies.

Schedule Monitor design progress for conformance to the master schedule. Identify critical activities and develop recovery plans if necessary.

Estimates Prepare construction cost estimates after each design submittal. If necessary, provide recommendations to return the project to budget. Adjust cost projections for inflation in material and labor costs and changes in bidding climate.

Contract administration Administer the design contract including payments and contract changes.

Bidder’s interest Promote interest among contractors. Where appropriate, investigate, and pre-qualify contractors and manufacturers.


During the procurement phase, we will assist the Owner with the selection of the construction contractor and preparation for the contract.

Selection process Establish the process to be used to select the contractors including evaluation criteria.

Pre-bid meetings Conduct pre-bid conferences and assist the design team with responses to questions from bidders.

Proposal evaluation Assist the Owner with the receipt and evaluation of bids. Make recommendations for award of contracts.

Negotiations Negotiate the contract with the successful bidder(s).


As construction proceeds, we will coordinate job site activity, address quality and contract administration issues.

Pre-construction meeting Conduct pre-construction meetings with the successful contractor (s).

Construction schedule Review the contractor’s construction schedule, examining off-site and on-site activities. Update the master schedule.

Construction process Monitor work progress and identify delays, which could jeopardize milestone dates. When necessary, assist the contractor in preparing recovery plans.

Changes Minimize changes; but, where appropriate, recommend changes that respond to field conditions or to improve quality or save time or money.

Construction quality Observe work in process, document defects and direct the contractor to make corrections.

Testing Agencies Coordinate independent testing labs. Obtain recommendations from the design team regarding substandard test results.

Job Meetings Conduct weekly job-site meetings to review progress and resolve issues. Include contractors, appropriate subs and consultants. Prepare and promptly distribute minutes that record and track issues and decisions.

Contract administration Administer the construction contracts.

Progress payments Review the contractor’s schedules of values and use them along with observations of progress to evaluate payment applications.

Change orders Develop a system for preparing, reviewing and processing of all change orders. Estimate the cost of pending changes and examine alternate solutions to reduce costs. Evaluate change orders requested by the contractors for validity and negotiate equitable prices.

Project records Maintain current files of correspondence, logs, meeting minutes, contracts, drawings, specifications, shop drawings and samples.

Project accounting Maintain the project accounting system to track costs of contracts, approved and anticipated changes, payment applications and payments. Include direct purchased material and equipment.

Progress reports Prepare Project Status Reports that describe the status of construction, progress during the previous period with photos, major upcoming activities, problems and outstanding decisions. Include cost and schedule status. Maintain daily logs of construction activity.


Operating manuals and warranties Assemble manuals, guarantees and warranties for mechanical, plumbing, electrical and special equipment. Also obtain as-built drawings.

Acceptance inspections Coordinate inspections and prepare a consolidated punch list for each contractor. Establish the dates for substantial and final completion.

Contract close-out Monitor the completion of punch list items and finalize all outstanding contract issues including change orders and time extensions. Coordinate payment of retainage.

Warranty work Ensure contractors perform warranty obligations in a timely manner.

What are people saying?

Construction Control provides seasoned professional construction management resources with consistent creative solutions to complex projects. I am pleased to give them an unconditional recommendation for any construction management opportunity.
Philip Jordan, CFE, Salt Lake County Center fir the Arts

Construction Control was extremely knowledgeable and professional. They take a personal interest in the project.

Anne Menzies, Salt Lake City Main Library

What ultimately sets CCC apart is that they really take the client seriously.

Allyson Jackson, Salt Palace
Construction Control Corporation has supported Salt Lake County construction projects for over thirty years, notably on several expansions of the Salt Palace Convention Center and the recent arts and culture facilities milestone of the renovated Janer Quinney Lawson Capitol Theatre together with the new Jessie Eccles Quinny Ballet Centre.
Philip Jordan, CFE, Salt Lake County Center fir the Arts
Hogan Construction has worked with Construction Control for decades. Their cost estimates are thorough and ‘real world’ — they have their finger on the cost of construction. As an Owner’s Representative, CCC is honest and fair. They understand construction and promote teamwork and problem-solving. Kris Larson quickly sees through complex issues and helps the project team find equitable solutions to progress toward successful completion. When we see CCC involved, we know the owner is in good hands, which makes the difference in our pursuit of the project.
Cris Hogan, President/CEO, Hogan & Associates Construction